Jose Suarez
Jose Suarez Field Supervisor
Jeff Hutchins
Jeff Hutchins Personnel Manager
Rick Farrell
Rick Farrell Vice President - A+D Sales Rep
Frank Mathis
Frank Mathis Plant Manager
Bruce Western
Bruce Western General Superintendent
Daniel Garcia-Glasscock
Daniel Garcia-Glasscock A+D Sales Rep
Fort Worth and all markets outside of
Richard Phillips
Richard Phillips Field Supervisor
Adriene Haynes
Adriene Haynes Controller
Rebecca Guzman
Rebecca Guzman Assistant Project Manager
Megan Steinke
Megan Steinke Inside Sales Representative
Jesus Luna
Jesus Luna Field Supervisor
Jason Seagraves
Jason Seagraves Jr. Estimator
Joey McGuire
Joey McGuire Estimator
Grant Duckworth
Grant Duckworth A+D Sales Rep
Austin, San Antonio & Houston