What is wear layer and why is it important?

Wear layer refers to the wood surface above the tongue and groove that can be re-sanded. In the context of engineered wood floors, it refers to the piece of real wood. Woodwright Hardwood Floor Company is dedicated to only providing products with thicker wear layer resulting in long-term value, and life cycle, versus some of the other products in the marketplace today. Please see the illustration below that shows the wear layer of a 3/4″ solid wood floor next to a 3/4″ engineered wood floor. In this illustration, the wood shown above the blue line is the wear layer, in this case, a 6mm wear layer.

Wear Layers available on our products

5/8" Engineered Wood Floor

Approximate re-sandings: 3-4*

3/4" Engineered Wood Flooring

Approximate re-sandings: 4-5*

3/4" Solid Wood Flooring

Approximate re-sandings: 4-5*

Other options we offer

  • Custom thicknesses available
  • End grain wood flooring
    • Thicknesses will vary by species
    • Custom thicknesses available
    • Approximate re-sandings: Typically 8-10*

* The exact quantity of re-sandings may vary depending on the floor texture, any existing damage to the floor and/or who is performing the work. See the chart to the right for the approximate number of re-sandings for different wear layer thicknesses.