A flooring product mostly heartwood with a minimum number of character marks and discoloration, providing a uniform appearance while allowing for all heartwood natural color variations. Will admit the following: 3⁄8” bright sapwood entire length of strip or equivalent if not extending further than 1” for 1⁄3 length of piece; small burls and fine pin wormholes; and equivalent characters such as small tight checks; in the absence of these, one thin brown streak 3” long to be allowed every 6’.

A flooring product with coloration variations produced by differences of natural heartwood and sapwood, along with characters described. The face may contain unlimited sound sapwood; slight imperfections in milling; a small tight knot every 3’; pin wormholes; burls and a reasonable amount of slightly open checks. Brown streaks should not extend the entire length of a piece. Two flag wormholes to every 8’ are permitted. Slight imperfections in face work (torn grain) admitted. An intermittent, brown machine burn across the face not exceeding 1⁄4” width admitted. Also, a slight quantity of bark on the back or sides admitted. Will admit pieces with 1⁄2 tongue. Spot filling is generally required for open characters

No. 1 Common
A flooring product which contains prominent variations in coloration and varying characters. The following are not admitted: broken knots over 1⁄2” in diameter, large grub wormholes; and splits extending through the piece. Open characters such as checks and knot holes are admitted, but must be sound and readily fill. Not more than 20” scant stock thickness allowed to every 5’. Minor imperfections in machining permitted. Shall admit sticker stain; varying wood characteristics, such as flag wormholes, heavy streaks, checks, and wormholes; and an occasional dark machine burns across the face not exceeding 1⁄2” wide, 1⁄64” deep not more than two each 3’. 1⁄4 tongue allowed. Extremely dark pieces are not to be included.

No. 2 Common
May contain sound natural variations of the forest product and manufacturing imperfections. The purpose of this grade is to furnish a floor suitable for homes, general utility use, or where character marks and contrasting appearance is desired. The following are not admitted: shattered or rotten ends, large broken knots, excessive bad millwork, shake, advanced rot, and similar unsound defects. Dark machine burns exceeding 3⁄64” deep not admitted. Knot holes and open characters which will readily fill are admitted. A limited number of pieces with no tongue which may be face nailed are admitted.