For the past 35 years Woodwright has built a reputation across Texas and Oklahoma as the leading commercial hardwood manufacturer and installer of floors, walls, stairs, and social seating. Over the past 10 years in particular, our capabilities have significantly expanded in both our manufacturing side as well as our installation techniques. Increasingly, our reputation is growing beyond our region to the nation as a whole.

From high end, unmatched quality on our flooring installs to the plethora of walls, ceilings, and stair treads we currently make and install, our team of construction professionals have taken what we do best to a whole new level.

Due to this perpetual improvement to our business model and the exciting new design opportunities presented to us daily, we decided on our 35th anniversary to remove the “Hardwood Floor Company” from our logo and be known simply as Woodwright!

Although producing and installing project specific commercial wood flooring will always be our lifeblood, we want the world to know that we do so much more than just hardwood floors.

Below are a few key categories that showcase our expanded capabilities:


Wood flooring installed on vertical applications has garnished a ton of positive attention in recent years. Whether it’s a flat wall, reception desk or perhaps a three-dimensional element made from planks for wood blocks, this is one of our most popular applications for our hardwood products.

Woodwright’s custom shop finished wall materials offer endless design possibilities. Create a pattern, use mixed media or design a radius wall using a horizontal plank installation.


Get maximum impact on your ceiling using a custom Woodwright product to enhance your design intent. Consider the ever-popular portal effect made from wood!

Stair Treads/Social Seating

Wanting to take your design to the next level in style, aesthetic, and customization? Woodwright’s A+D Consultants can assist you in creating a focal feature that is sure to make them take a second look.

CNC/Laser Work

A lasting impression is something highly sought after in any project. With our newly upgraded CNC and Laser capabilities, you can achieve just that! Whether it is a custom medallion, signage specific to your project, or a custom designed pattern for your wall, you can let your imagination flourish with the assistance of Woodwright and our artistic capabilities.
Click here for more inspiration viewing our CNC/Laser work on Pinterest

While our roots run deep in the hardwood floor industry, Woodwright will continue to evolve and grow as a premier specialty wood supplier and contractor.

Although the “Hardwood Floor Company” has been dropped from our name, what we lost in verbiage, we have gained in experience and expertise.