Team Member Highlight – Rebecca

35 Years of expertise and strong-willed team members have led to the boom of Woodwright! From the front desk to the back of the warehouse, each team member at Woodwright brings a special insight, strength, and knowledge to the advancement of the company. Today we put the spotlight on one of our MVPs who continues propelling our team forward-moving; our Project Manager, Rebecca Guzman.

Rebecca was born and raised in the Oak Cliff portion of Dallas, TX. She attended a small private school in the area and upon her graduation went on to Texas A&M University to study Civil Engineering.  She has been with Woodwright since 2011 and brings with her 13 years of experience in the construction industry.

As a Project Manager, Rebecca oversees client billing, project submittals, and material procurement. She is the main point of contact in making sure that project progression is both scheduled and timely.

Outside of the office, Rebecca enjoys The Great British Bake-Off and classic movies, such as the Katherine Hepburn standard The Philadelphia Story. She is a fan of a multitude of musical genres and most importantly has an avid appreciation for Mediterranean Food.

When did you first get into Project Management?

I was an intern for Beck during the summers while I was going to college. Afterward, I worked 2 years each at Centex Construction (now Balfour Beatty) and Constructors (now Structuretone).  When the recession hit, I was laid off and could not find work for 16 months.  No one was hiring for my position at the time.  They all wanted entry-level people.  A friend who was an estimator and a GC told me that Woodwright was looking for a Project Coordinator.  After a 15-minute interview with Steve, I got an offer.  Nine and a half years later, I have gone from receptionist and data entry to being in project management.

What inspires you most when it comes to your work?

I love finding ways to streamline and optimize processes. In my own responsibilities, I have developed my own systems for making sure things don’t fall through the cracks.  I also really enjoy crunching numbers, as crazy as that sounds.  I am perfectly happy sitting at a spreadsheet to analyze critical data.  Somebody must like it, right?

What are some of the most positive changes you’ve seen over the years?

As we have grown, our internal processes adapted accordingly.  We have developed ways to track projects so that every client gets exactly what they are looking for at the end of the project.  The department that has grown the most in my time here is the sales team.  We have gone from one person to four which has expanded our opportunities for exposure.

How do you feel Covid-19 has affected the design industry?

In the same way, email changed the way we communicate at work, I see the many technological advancements changing where we work as well. While there are certain aspects of jobs that require a physical presence at an office, there are many ways that working remotely can be just as efficient as working at an office.  It also promotes a better work-life balance for some.  The design industry has also had to pivot their offices from in-house to “their house”. Sometimes they have had to pivot the services and products offered to help them remain cash positive and relevant in this changing environment. And the design itself has had to pivot in consideration of the products and procedures needed by clients due to COVID-19.

What are you hoping to see in the future for Woodwright?

I look forward to the materials sales take off and our flooring becoming a known luxury brand across the country and beyond. I am also always looking forward to the next “crazy” concept design that we will come up with and hopefully eventually get to produce and install.

What are you hoping to see as future trends in Design?

I think that design will continue to take a more social, environmentally forward approach in the development and integration of new products. I also look forward to seeing more women take leadership roles in design and construction.  Thirty years ago, a female CEO of a subcontractor or a female project manager over a major construction project would have been a rare thing.  We are seeing this more and more to the norm, which is great!

What are some of your personal passion projects?

I enjoy gardening with native Texas plants. Since I am a classical music lover, I also enjoy singing in the choir, but that has been put on hold for now with COVID-19. I don’t often get the opportunity, but I enjoy drawing, especially drawing birds.

Rebecca holds one of the key roles in making sure our projects flow through as smoothly as possible and we are very appreciative of her dedication and a continued drive for excellence here at Woodwright. Combined with our decades of experience and triumphs, we look forward to many continued years of growth with her helping steer the wheel.

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