White Oak Stage

Transforming a Stage at Tobin Performing Arts Center

We recently had the pleasure of working with Tobin Center for Performing Arts and Gala Systems to install new hardwood floors in San Antonio, TX. This project was very unique in that the floor needed to transform into multiple configurations at the flip of a switch, for example from tiered auditorium seating to a flat open banquet room in a matter of minutes. You can view the transformation in this video.

In order to achieve the standards demanded by this project, we installed a custom white oak wood floor. The wood flooring is rift cut as to allow for a straight, linear grain appearance to achieve the architect’s desired intent In addition, the wood flooring was a combination of engineered and solid installed over a subfloor system that contained metal encased wood sleepers.

In terms of functionality, this was definitely one of our more unique wood floors. Though the installation was challenging, our team of construction professionals did what they do best and executed a flawless on time install.

Whether you need to create a moving floor, a laser cut medallion or a beautiful set of stairs, our methodical process and attention to detail can be a great asset to you. The work performed at Tobin Center for Performing Arts is a shining example of our “can do, will do” attitude and achievements.