Dimensions of Creativity: CNC and Laser Work

Last month we introduced you to our on-staff artist, Aaron Craft, who oversees our CNC/Laser department here at Woodwright.

However, what exactly does CNC and Laser work mean? What can it do for you and your projects in this day-and-age of ever-advancing technology! Let’s take a deeper dive into the exciting world of CNC capabilities and developments.

New and Improved

Our new and improved CNC (computer-controlled) router is pushing Woodwright further then we have ever gone before by taking what we do best, customization, to a whole new level!  This machine, with its large capacity bed and ability to cut up to 3” thick has been the perfect addition to our arsenal of design weaponry we have here at Woodwright!  Cutting curves, creating textures, 3D patterns, and custom designs; it does it all…and fast!

Design Elements Galore

Have you ever wondered how to give your design a maximum WOW factor while keeping your overall budget in mind? Consider incorporating small design features into floors or walls.

Once averaged into the overall price per SF it’s more palatable and yet can create just the POP you and your clients desire.

Be More Than a Feature

Occasionally a space or client simply warrants a magazine-worthy design. At Woodwright, we relish in aligning your creativity with our custom capabilities and installation expertise to bring your vision to life. Here are a few examples of very “project-specific” impactful design features that we have been honored to create and install.

Fire the Laser Beams

In addition to the unique capabilities of the CNC router Woodwright also has 3 lasers.

The laser is typically used for creating intricate designs such as medallions or borders. It can precisely cut through solid wood up to 5/16” thick. These parts are then pieced together, like a puzzle, and adhered to a backer. Ultimately inlayed into a wood floor. The fun part is selecting the various species, cuts, and grain directions to make a statement all its own.

Having multiple lasers allows Woodwright the flexibility to create a design element for a project while simultaneously labeling the constant flow of samples we make for our A&D clients. In case you’re not familiar with our process…. Woodwright Laser etches every single sample we make with a Specification # and unique Serial #. Each sample is photographed and documented for future identification.

Models Without a Casting Call

Last, but not least, the newest addition to our toolbox. A 3D printer. Aaron, our resident artist, has already started exploring the many opportunities to assist design teams and our own project managers visualize an installation or unique design element.

Push the Limit

Creativity knows no boundaries when the roof has been removed. Our custom shop capabilities, including the items listed in this blog can help make your next project turn more heads than Beyoncé.

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