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All great interior designs start with an initial concept, idea, or a dream. Whether it’s a unique floor, set of stairs or a specialty wall/ceiling application, at Woodwright we pride ourselves on utilizing our custom shop capabilities, manufacturing expertise, and experienced craftsman to help you bring that once elusive vision to completion.

Reception Desk Wood Pattern Concept


One recent example was when Faulkner Design Group in Dallas found the initial concept below for a bar/desk design with hopes of incorporating this aesthetic into their multi-family project.

Faulkner’s designers engaged their A+D Consultant at Woodwright for ideas on how to creatively manufacture and install the look. Woodwright’s team immediately went to work to find a way for this bold idea to become a reality.

Concept to Completion | Woodwright


It all started with an initial concept sample created by Woodwright’s on staff artist who used our custom shop capabilities and CNC (computer controlled router) to make the sample out of Select Grade American Walnut.

We didn’t want to simply apply triangles to a veneer. The goal was to create a prefinished T&G wall plank with the applied pyramids so the design- as well as installation- could be flexible for this and future projects.

During this process, Woodwright created various other versions of the potential specification to illustrate options in specie, color and even added several unique textures to the tops of the pyramids, just because we can…. The possibilities are endless!
Concept to Completion | Plank Wall with Pyramids | Woodwright
Concept to Completion | Plank Wall with Pyramids | Woodwright


Woodwright does not sell our specified materials to other installers on Texas projects, instead choosing to provide complete turnkey solutions using our own in-house craftsman. On projects outside of our Texas region, we do however sell materials to others.

In the end, after all the discussions, sampling and pricing, our team was fortunate to be hired by the millworker who constructed the desk. Woodwright’s team manufactured the spec product and installed the cladding to the desk in our Dallas shop.

Concept to Completion | Plank Wall with Pyramids | Woodwright
Concept to Completion | Plank Wall with Pyramids | Woodwright
Custom Double Hand-Scraped Floor Pattern | Woodwright


Before this design element was installed on site, Woodwright was also able to provide, install and site finish a custom double hand-scraped pattern floor based off additional sampling provided.


The finished space came to life after the desk was installed and project was completed. This is a perfect example of how Woodwright can assist Commercial Architects and Designers to transform their ideas and vision into award winning spaces.

Commercial Reception Desk Plank Wall with Pyramids | Woodwright

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